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Well, most the wheels I'd review have already been covered!

but anyway, here goes-

Handbuilt Alloy tubulars - these vary based on rims & hubs, but everyone should have a set. Whether for training, using as "miss-n-out" wheels, or backups, these can be had/made cheaply and are the basis for any real quiver of wheels. For your track gear, begin at the beginning people :-)

Zipp 808 - great wheel, available rather cheaply 2nd hand. I have one, like it, no complaints. (Zipp wheels have never tested as particularly "stiff" in lab tests head-to-head with other wheels, but as a light-weight enduro guy, this is all hear-say to me)

Hed Disc (full carbon w/ brake track) - agreed with above post, a bit heavy-ish, but easily adaptable between road & track usage. Again, available pretty cheaply & readily 2nd hand.

Hed Jet 60 - not a track-wheel as-per-say, but on shallower tracks, a decent enough one for light folks. It isn't especially stiff, so folks that flex stuff should probably stay away. That said, for lighter racers who look like noodles (me), it has been great.

Hed Singer 9 - the newer generation of wide-rimmed wheels doesn't mate up well with narrow 19mm or 21mm tyres, but they feel very fast with 22mm tyres, and they 'spill' wind much better than the older 'V' profile carbon wheels.
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