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Originally Posted by Underground View Post
That is an impressive light setup!

I got a call earlier today, my Transport is ready to be picked up at the shop. One of the guys there I know called to tell me. He said they were quite impressed with the bike overall. I wouldn't be surprised if they get another to keep on hand because they liked it so much.

Now I just have to wait to get it. Due to my work schedule I cannot pick it up until Sunday. Ok, I could get it earlier, but it would be torture to bring it home and not be able to ride it. At least Sunday I will be able to have my wife drive me down there, drop me off, and I can ride it back home.
Thanks for the compliment on the lights. I am currently re-working the front blue setup as it's a bit too bright and I really want the "glow" effect.

You'll really enjoy that first ride!!!!! I rode for about 7 miles home after I got mine. Was a GREAT ride.

And you WILL get a lot of people asking questions almost every time you stop someplace. I have spent a ton of extra time in Lowes talking to people about it. Yes, they allow me to bring the bike into the store.......I guess they figure I'll spend more that way....which I usually do.....LOL
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