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Originally Posted by richard4993 View Post
Usually what I do is go up 501 and come back down 9W. I may check out that 7 Lakes Drive when it gets a little bit nicer, that'll be one hell of a ride for me as I'm from south Brooklyn so my round trip to Nyack is already 82 miles. Is there any good route you would recomend to get up to 7 Lakes from the GWB?
Lots of ways to get there. You can go straight up 9W. The turn off into the park to get to Perkins and Bear is Seven Lakes Drive. Riding east to west is better as riding west to east requires a brief ride on and crossing of the Palisades Pkwy with traffic whizzing by at speeds in excess of 55mph. Another way into the park would be to take rt 210 (which becomes 106 Gate Hill Road) from 9W in Stony Point. Once in the park and across Lake Welch you can make a left on Johnsontown Rd, then a left at the T at Lake Welch Pkwy to Seven Lakes Drive, or continue on 106 and get Seven Lakes Drive at the Kanawauki circle. Going left once on Seven Lakes Drive will take you to Sloatsburg. A right will take you towards Bear Mtn and 9W, and the aforementioned crossing of the PIP (which may or may not be legal).
Take a look at google maps for a good view of the roads in the park
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