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Vintage BB woes

Tried inquiring in the Vintage section, got a few hints.... Thought I'd check here.

I have a vintage Cilo/Swiss roadster, about mid-80s according to the codes on the components.
The Shimano 600 DR is toast. It seemed fine a few years ago when I replaced the crank, but working on the bike recently I found a lot of friction and inspection showed that it's done, both cups and the spindle are galled and ruined.
Thought to simply replace with a modern sealed unit but the local dealer says no-go... Non-standard stuff.
Here's the specs:
Both cups are marked 35 X P1. They are both right-threaded, they tighten to the right.
Spindle is 68 x 116. Looks like a standard taper; I've been using a Nashbar crank that went on with no problems.
Don't want to spend huge amounts of money, but this is my only roadster at the moment.
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