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I was thinking the same with the split jockey wheels on my 1st gen NR RD lately, but after I examined the split pulleys closely, I decided that there is no way to close up the crack as it looks like that the plastic had actually shrunk that if you can even glue it back together, it will most likely crack again at the same spot or a different part of the jockey wheel.
Genuine campagnolo Replacements costs way to much out there at sometimes over 40 bucks EACH. Fortunately, my LBS had nicely made repros supposedly machined up by the owner's friend and I bought a set of 2 this weekend for 30 bucks. They look pretty good, actually. Still a bit expensive for what they are, but at least they are not cracked and maybe the more modern plastic material will last longer than the genuine Campy crackmaster jockey wheels..... I'll post a pic of them tomorrow evening when I get back home from my project site visit.

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