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b dub asked the critical question: "If you don't replace them, what happens?"

The answer is, nothing. The pulley remains strong.

The cracked pullies last for the life of the teeth, and the tooth-spacing issue resolves itself via normal wear, and to a large extent that bit of needed tooth "clearancing" has already occurred from normal wear when a crack appears.

The pulleys seem to crack from shrinkage, and once cracked the stress is removed.

These are much better than the Simplex pulleys that crack because those crack in such a way as to lose several teeth at a time.

I like Huret pullies with teeth, the ball-bearing ones with adjusting cones. The teeth never break and the hole size allows them to be fitted to Suntour derailers.
They will run much smoother than stock with the addition of normal grade25 ball bearings, 1/8" I believe.

Has anyone seen a Campag pulley actually break?
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