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No need to start in town. Hilton Waikoloa Village is at sea level and is 15-20 miles to the start of saddle road. From there, its 30 miles to the park station or 39 miles to the top. That would be epic. I wonder if this could be done the whole way on a cross bike type set up. I've been up there in a car, but it was almost 20 years ago. Its the unpaved part basically graded cinder?

Originally Posted by mpath View Post
I was there too a couple of weeks back. While it certainly would be epic, it's not realistic at all without a support crew. Kona to mile marker 28 on Saddle Rd (the base of Mauna Kea) is already ~60 miles. Then the ~13,600ft to the observatories? Don't think so.

Btw, the last 4 miles is actually paved; what's not paved is the previous 4 miles, and not rideable on a road bike.
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