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Here's comparo pics between the machined (CNC'd, according to the shop owner) repros I got from my LBS this weekened to replace the badly cracked originals on my 1st gen NR RD, and the Genuine jockey wheels that's on my pat.83 NR RD:

Pat. 83 NR RD with original jockey wheels.

Pat.-72 1st gen NR RD with the CNC'd black plastic jockey wheels.


Genuine. See that thin black line on it, going from center and right to the edge of a tooth? It's not a crack!

The obvious differences are, the larger diameter dust caps on the repros, the absence of a groove on the repro bronze bearing bushing (the 1st gen NR bushing did not have grooves either.), and the deeper teeth on the repros. The reproe also seem to be just a smidgen thicker than the genuine campy jockey wheels too. The tooth profiles are also a bit different with the repros reminding me of what Simplex jockey wheel teeth look like.
One interesting thing I just noticed too is the genuine wheels have a dark line at the same spot on the wheels which seems to match the location of the crack on the bad ones from the 1st gen RD. I think it could be a sort of moulding seam where the injected plastic material meets up in the mold during injection. Could this be a built in weak spot on the jockey wheel where that big crack appears all the time??
I won't know how well the repros will work till I get my project bike on the road. but I think it should be OK as the wheels look very well made and there is no excess slop on the bearings.
BTW, I was going to use the original 1st gen cracked jockey wheels for the pictorial comparison, but dang! I think I might have thrown it away! Whydiedoodat?!

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