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Originally Posted by gigantor View Post
Those keirin riders are by no means slow.

Chris Hoy is just... insanely, insanely fast and strong, and seemingly unstoppable right now.
Yeah, the Keirin guys aren't slow, but I don't think they would do well on the international pro track circuit in general...not just against Hoy. The qualification standards for Keirin school aren't that high. Actually, I think I meet the time standards (which isn't saying much).

I can safely say that ANY sprinter from a UCI World Cup event can easily qualify and race on the Keirin circuit with no problem. The other way around is not true.

Originally Posted by gigantor View Post
Also, I would never discredit climbing as a viable training method to increase strength. At high intensity it will most certainly increase strength. If anyone is concerned about climbing developing different muscles, just find a lower grade and mash up it repeatedly.
Doing one-legged squats while holding chickens in each hand will make someone strong...that doesn't mean it's the best way to train for track racing.

YES, you *may* hear hills mentioned in some track training programs. But, it is never the core of the program. It's simply a supplemental the bench press or lunges.
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