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Originally Posted by islenska
i dont know how else to describe it... while pedaling, my left leg is always moving around in sort of a circular, corkscrew motion. it is slight, but man is it annoying, and i'm even starting to develop some knee pain on the outer side of my patella, which i think must be related. this happens while pedaling at all different intensities, but is more exagerated when i am really working hard. when i'm out of the saddle it seems to go away. also, my left foot seems to be rotating as well, inside the pedal. btw, i'm using mtb pedals and shoes (on my cross bike). i've tried changing the tension on my pedal, moving/adjusting my cleat, and nothing seems to work.

my right leg is rock solid. its like my left leg has a mind of its own...anyone have any ideas, thoughts?

am i just a freak?

yah... what Thyelsine said... it sounds like a discreptency in leg length (I have it too - u get up and u won't notice it, on the saddle on a fixed spot it becomes obvious) and I basically just unclip the left leg, bend the knee as hard as i can and it pops a few ligments (feel them move) and pop.. then the pain goes away for the day until the next ride (or if I'm lucky a few days).
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