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Hi All,

Just signed up as I've been following this thread since the end of last year with the hope of answers but didn't really have anything to add. Now that work has slowed down I thought I'd add that I'm suffering from identical symptoms but still haven't made any progress on solving the problem.

It's the same thing for me, I'm turning 40 this year and I started riding for the first time since I was a lad at the end of last year. I cycle 16kms to work which is a little hilly, spend the day at a desk job and then home in the evening. I usually try and ride twice a week and if I keep that up then all is well. The problem comes along if I stop riding then a few days later I get the most horrendous cramps in my quads when I walk downhill. The symptoms have only got worse over the months e.g. my first ever ride was just 8kms and then a day or so later I got cramps which lasted a short while, my last bout after a few weeks of regular cycling (and a forced break when I was ill) and five days later I had terrible cramps only this time they kept come back for days afterwards (which makes me nervous about the idea of just not stopping cycling)

So far I've tried the following:
1. Magnesium tablets (recommended by a friend who thought it was DOMS and a pharmacist as the answer to all cramps)
2. Arnica tablets because it was worth a shot at a natural remedy
3. Weeks of physio to stretch out the quad muscles (ended with where you kneel with your back against the wall, then put one knee against the wall on something pdded with your foot and lower leg going up the wall, and then move the other foot out from the wall for balance with your shin vertical and thigh parallel to the ground. Then you try to get your back as close to the wall as possible and enjoy the pain)

and I'm about to look into a specialist recommended by the physio.

I'm generally fit with two young boys keeping me active, try and surf three morning a week when I'm not riding, ride a motorbike to work those days which is pretty involving so I'm stumped by this.

I've also bought some cleats to try and make the riding more efficient and will try getting out the saddle a little more plus the pharmacist recommende a sports drink while riding (don't think that'll help but I'll try anything at this stage). I've also bought some weights now that winter's approaching here and figured when it's too cold to surf then I can work on my lunges and squats etc.

I think I'm going to try and invoke the cramps by riding and breaking for the week to see if I'm making any progress. Will let you know if anything makes any difference.

All the best,

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