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Originally Posted by I_like_cereal View Post
Has anyone used these for commuting? They are that same price as the conti 4 season which is a lot of money ($75/tire). Right now I am using Performance Plus tire in the rear and the Performance Vredestian SE in the front. I am not to hit on the SE because it seems to get eaten alive by all the road garbage. I cannot comment on the house brand, but for $30 a tire they are looking pretty good so far.

This is not an attempt to shed weight despite my previous post. I am just looking to see what other options are out there.

Basically my criteria for a $75 tire is that it has to last at least 18 months of commuting is any weather. Flats for large debris (nails, wire, glass as big as a finger nail, large chunks of gravel, metal parts) are ok. Flats for small nails, glass and gravel are not ok. The tire has to roll well (no dillos or gatorskins) and has to be around 250g per tire. I know the tire in question is much lighter and that the weight penalty is from the increased rubber and the internal belt.

Your criteria is unrealistic. You want a training tire, but that will cost you performance and weighs too much yet you want something that racing tire that will not last long for commuting. You are going to have a compromise either way, you will have to decide what is more important to you.
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