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Originally Posted by Street rider View Post
Carleton, would increasing muscle strength necessarily increase endurance for longer rides? Or would it be smarter to increase endurance at a lower weight/more reps before trying to work strength?
Fabian Cancellara didn't get legs like these doing Spinnervals. There was a gym involved.

Unfortunately, I don't have any advice as to what type of weight training you should do. Endurance riding is not my thing.

Originally Posted by Stezzy View Post
I saw that you are now riding a Dolan and I would like your opinion on it, not sure if you stated it before (if so just a link to it will be fine). Do you think a Seta would be sturdy enough for the road with some open pros or would the frame wear very quickly (within a year) I know you don't own a seta but based on your knowledge of your current steed.
Actually, as of right now, the Dolan DF3 is not better than my Tiemeyer. I raced it again tonight. I pulled the wheel in the dropouts EVEN with the chain tensioner engaged. I need to lay off the protein shakes.

Yeah, the Seta will be fine for street use.
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