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Originally posted by roadbuzz
Hey, guys, keep working! I appreciate it.

I think it is a plug vs. wedge. Lotek's right. The quill is jammed in the steerer. I can loosen the headset (to take pressure off bearings), but he whole mess is still trapped in the headtube. I've Been squirting WD-40 down between the quill and the steerer, which I can access directly by removing the headset adjustment bolt. It's not liquid wrench, but it should lubricate, loosen things, and help flush grit. I'm hoping that ongoing treatments for a few days will free things up.

FWIW, the quill was greased. The only thing I can figure is that it was overtightened, and permenantly enlarged the quill? Arghhh.
Yep, permanently enlarged.I just had the same problem getting a pulg type one out. I knocked the plug out the bottom of the steerer tube,used a socked that just fit inside the steerer on a long extension, and a hammer to pound it out.Nothing got ginked or damaged.If you cannot get the plug out the bottom,your best bet is to continue the lube business from the top and botom and twist and pull till it comes out.Might help to have a helper hold the frame while you do the other part.
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