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Old Peugeot Seat Post replacement

I just bought a pretty awesome looking Peugeot Tourmalet of unknown age (ebay seller thought 70s, but the decals look 80s and someone more knowledgeable than me said the kind of lugging wasn't done until the late 80s). Everything looks in good working order - except the seat post is super scratched and I can't get it down far enough to fit me. I did a rough measurement and believe it to be 25.00 mm (although it could be 25.4 mm). I have a few questions about replacement:

a) Do I have to find a vintage seat post or will new ones be compatible?
b) Does size matter? They come in different lengths. How do I know if something will be too long or too short?
c) I'm on a budget and the cheapest ones seem to be aluminium. Does that matter given my bike is steel? This is just a city commuter bike that won't get more than 30 or so miles a week so comfort isn't my biggest concern.
d) Is there any surefire way to know seat post size? Like is it printed somewhere or is my ruler the best I can do?
e) Are there any other parts I need in addition to seat post to make this happen?

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