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That seat post would likely be aluminum, which is the best material.

You should be able to remove most of the scratches and restore the post to gleaming condition, with a couple hours' work. Search here about polishing.

Can't get the post down far enough - hmm, is the bike too big for you then? How low are you trying to get the seatpost - measured by inches of post you want to leave exposed above the top of the seat tube?

Anyway, pull the seatpost out, sand/polish it smooth and shiny as above, grease it (liberally!), and try re-inserting it. It should go all the way in. You can cut off the end if absolutely necessary, but that should not be necessary and is to be avoided if possible.

Peugeots used 24.0 mm, 25.0 mm and I've seen 22.0 mm and heard of other oddball sizes. Have it accurately measured. A fair number of options at 25.0 mm, much fewer at 24.0 mm.
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