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Originally Posted by Sangesf View Post

my bicycle is INCAPABLE of speeds greater than 20mph and can be proven as such, at the whim of any police officer... If your's IS CAPABLE of speeds greater than 20mph ("capable" is the operative word.. That doesn't mean, you're just riding it slower than 20), then it's NOT considered a regular bicycle and none of the items above will help you.
I'm not in Florida, so I haven't taken the time to read the statute, but I HOPE it's written to clearly state the motor isn't capable of propelling the bicycle over 20mph. I'm pretty sure ALL of my bikes, electric or not, are capable of more than 20mph. I'm positive I've gone faster on my road bike than on my cruiser with the electric motor. But the cruiser has still seen speeds over 20mph, which the motor by it's self wouldn't be capable of.
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