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Originally Posted by SpecialX View Post
Just an FYI....

In Nevada, where I just moved from. It's pretty much the same as in Florida, so if your e bikes are capable of over 20mph, there not ebikes anymore, they're considered mopeds..
If it's a moped, you need all the stuff that mopeds are required to have...
Headlights, taillights, brake lights, DOT approved tires, etc and would require a motorcycle endorsement on your license as well.

The ONLY way an ebike would not be capable of 20 mph is if it's only 24v.. Most 36v bikes (Unless they're specifically limited), can very easily be capable of greater than 20mph speeds..

I have a 36v 15amp ebike that can do 21 mph and I use very heavy SLA batteries on a very heavy beach cruiser... I had to buy a cycle analyst to limit it's speed to keep it legal.
Actually, last time I checked, mopeds, motor scooters, and motorized bicycles with less than 80cc displacement or equivalent do not require license or registration in Nevada. It's a very DUI friendly state.
They are supposedly prohibited from using bike lanes, but the cops certainly don't seem to care about that when it's a scooter running me off the path.

And if it's a matter of providing assistance about a given speed, and not how much assistance, then it would seem like a cycle analysis (or equivalent) would always be required.
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