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Originally Posted by rubic View Post
The manner in which we condition our muscles are training specific. In cycling, we push down on the peddles which shortens the quads as it contracts known as concentric contraction. Running down hill lengthens the quads as they contract known as eccentric contraction. Since cycling does not condition the quads in an eccentric manner, they get overworked while running downhill with resultant pain from the muscles' micro tear injuries.
Also applies to downhill skiing. My legs were absolutely dead from a hard days skiing this winter. Didn't make sense that this should happen when I had been cycling about 100 miles a week. Always thought cycling was good training for downhill skiing. Turns out recent research has proven this to be a myth. After skiing I had high levels of pain and cramping easing down to a sitting or squat position. But, absolutely no pain extending from the squat to the standing position.

Downhill walking or weight training are recommended. When doing leg extensions lower the weights SLOWLY. This is supposed to be an eccentric muscle contraction. Cycling is a concentric muscle contraction - unless you are riding a fixed gear and trying to slow it down.
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