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Fun at the Old Bike Auction

So my city (Winnipeg) had our yearly Police Bike Auction this weekend. I had pretty low expections going into it because last year the low end rusty road bikes were going for >150 and that is not the price I want to pay for crappy bikes. I figured getting a bike at a reasonable price was going to be quite unlikely. Add to the fact that I could only go on sunday and not the much larger saturday auction, I figured the chances of finding anything I even liked would be slim.

So I walk around looking for drop bars in the sea of plastic mountain bikes piled together in long rows, I see a Kuwahara (never heard of it) but It had Shimano 600 brake levers and indexed downtube shifters, a decent wheelset, nitto bars, could be a decent touring bike which would fill a need in my collection. So I jotted down the number. Other than that the only thing that caught me eye was an old Marin with a funky paint job. So I figured it would be a long day of sitting around and having nothing to show for it.

3 hours later the Kuwahara Caravan comes up and it starts at 100$, no one bids, he drops the starting price to 50$, I bid. Couple bids back and forth and I get it for 70$. Score! The funky Marin is about half an hour down the row, but I stick around to see what it ends up going for. So the Marin comes up they start it at 50$ so I bid, and bid, and bid and get it for 80$. Score? What is going on here? I was starting to worry I had bid on the wrong bikes and maybe I should have brought my glasses.

This is what I rolled away with;

Kawahara Caravan (late 80s?)

At 62 cm its slightly larger than I typically ride but didnt actually feel that big. Needs brake work but it shifted very nicely on the bike stand.

Even came with extra spokes! Never seen that before

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