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There could be different types of muscle issues described above.
Cramp: to me this is a muscle contracting and staying that way with the associated pain, like a "charlie horse"
Pain: the muscle hurts but is not contracted like with a cramp.

In my case, it happens walking/running down hill.
It is not a muscle contraction, just pain that comes on like a cramp, then hurts a lot in a certain area. Later on, more quad muscle areas start to do the same thing, so it kind of moves around. Even later, it all feels sore, the pain is not as acute. If I stop and stand stright up, then there is reduced pain, but if I stand on one leg, and bend my other knee, it hurts as I bend it. So, the muscle tissue seems stressed by the movement of the quad muscles as I bend the knee. If I keep the knee bent, then the quad pain subsides. An hour after the hike, and I only feel a slight soreness.
In my case, it sounds like it might be acute muscle soreness

From other posts, it could also be age related. I have 20 years on some other folks here.

So far, standing in the saddle, and running 5 miles per week have not helped me.
Last week, I rode 215 miles, ran 5 miles, then took a break Saturday and hiked on Sunday.
I had a lot of leg pain in the downhill sections of that hike.
If I had hiked on Saturday instead, I would have not had any leg pain for sure.
I still do not get why a day off causes or trigger this.

Maybe I'll try the jumping squats next....

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