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Questionable shifting into smallest 2 cogs (Campy 8sp)

Hello all.

I bought this awesome Merckx bike last week from one of my friends. It was built up by a friend of his with Athena shifters, crankset (53/39), and brakes, Veloce 9sp derailers, Dura Ace hubs, SRAM 8 speed cassette (11-28). It shifts flawlessly through the middle and low ends, even into the big-big combo (53-28).

But I noticed that the spacing between the 11T cog and the frame was very tight, a couple mm at most, and the limit screw on the Veloce RD was set up so that it would not shift into that cog at all. To see if the chain would even fit there, I adjusted the limit screw and shifted into the 11T cog -- it sort of worked, but it doesn't sound right. In fact both the 11T and 12T cogs sound unpleasant, but I can't see what's rubbing where. It certainly looks as though the chain clears the frame (but only by a hair.)

So for now, I only have a 7-speed (albeit a wonderful 7 speed). I am wondering if there is a different way to space the hub/dish the wheel that would fix this? Or something else that I am not thinking of? This is my first time dealing with anything more than a 7 speed FW.

I took some pictures that hopefully show what I'm talking about (note the spacers on the NDS).

I have eventual plans to upgrade the drivetrain if it seems like a good idea down the road. For now I just want to ride, but I have been sitting at home sick this whole week just staring at it and thinking of ways to make it even better. Getting the shifting right would definitely help.

Apologies for the grime!
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