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your frame is between 78-79, it is reynolds 531. and a very good frame-I have the same.
you may just have a TI BB! check with a magnet

give me a serial number and I know more.

can you figure out the original color by doing some scratching? it will help know your model.

dont powdercoat- paint it. when you get a chip in the powdercoating the rust takes off under and there is no stopping it-and no touchup.
there is no primer under powder, paint is far more durable

dont sandblast it- sodablast it (sandblasting will peen the surface and possibly warp your frame-reynolds is pretty thin allready.

that top tube dent you might be able to do something about, I noticed you could put something round thru the seatpost tube and push it forward to the right spot and force it out. this is a theory that needs looking into.

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