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Originally Posted by DiabloScott View Post
The rule is simple, the enforcement is subjective.
Well said!

Originally Posted by Thulsadoom View Post
It looked to me like he went a few feet to the right trying to shoot a gap, which he almost had to do in order to get around the guys in front of him.
??? a few ???

He crossed four or five "lanes" worth of bodies swinging wildly to the right, when he had a very reasonable path open to the left with a minimal tweak from his course that wouldn't have been considered a deviation. While there is no "had to do it" defense even when you have to do it, there is not even a shred of "had to do it" in this case.

I really don't know squat about the inner workings of this stuff, but from having watched these rulings and non-rulings for a while sort of in the way that dogs stare at ceiling fans, I've come to realize that the way the commissars emerge a fleeting expectation of "lane" relative to lines of movement and in particular other riders (hence the endangering bit) is the essence of this thing, not the euclidean geometry lane markings or "did he go straight" question.
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