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First road bike and it would not have mattered if I rode it or not. After 16 years of MTB's I did not know what a road bike should feel like so the LBS set two bikes up for me for size and I took the one that fitted better. 1 year later and I knew what I wanted and tested quite a few and not only from my LBS. The owner had a Boreas as his bike so I borrowed it and WOW. None of the others I test rode were right but this was- so got one built up. 6 months later and the first bike had to be replaced as it was no longer up to my standard. I had test ridden a Giant TCR-C3 and just ordered one but with a twist. They had a lightweight frame and for an extra charge they would swop the frames. Everything else would do except the wheels so changed those aswell. That bike was bad until I changed the wheels back to something more compliant. I can't take a stiff frame with stiff wheels and could not keep it on the road. It took a year to get it sorted but has turned into the long or hilly road bike and is good.

Now latest bike and I test rode several last Autumn. Went back to the LBS to order the bike I wanted. A CX but it was not available and would not be for a while. Not only the CX- every Giant that was in my style and price range was "Not Available". But that testing last Autumn and two other bikes stood out and one was a Cervello and the other a Pinarrelo FP1. They were Pinnie dealers so sat down with the geometry tables and worked out what I wanted in size. The FP1 was no longer available but the replacement was the FP UNO. Similar spec except a few upgrades but also $300 more. It was only going to be a runaround bike and was a bit heavier than my others and only Tiagra Groupset. Still looking for a runaround cos the Pinnie is superb.

I have never had a problem in getting test rides --once I have convinced shops that I am a serious buyer. When I got Boreas- I went back to one of the shops that did not treat me right. They were into triathlon and competition bikes and I just wheeled the bike into the shop-They allow it for their customers- and started looking at Gloves. The sales assistant looked hard at Boreas- realised who I was and then asked why I had not come to them and I pointed out I had but they did not seem to take "Old Gits" who were just browsing as possible customers.
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