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Hi @Gazbeast, the pharmacy gave me 300mg tablets and told me I could take two if the "cramp" was really bad but otherwise it's one tablet a day.

I tried them while I was suffering earlier this year but it didn't make any difference, however, since I've got back I've noticed:

1. The first week I rode I took a table on the morning I rode and felt OK
2. On the second week of riding I didn't take a tablet and was notably tighter in my quads

I'm sceptical as to if it was the magnesium or not since there's so many other factors but from now on I'm going to take it on the morning that I ride rather than later.

Once I finish the jar I'll probably give them a miss and see how I go.

I'm still backing my jumping squats as doing the most to relieve my symptoms, however, it could easily be that I had an enforced couple of weeks break and this time I'm started up riding gradually having built some core muscles, whereas last year I started from nothing for the past twenty years to suddenly doing 16km commutes.
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