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Wow . . . just wow (a film review)

One of the perks of working for a Public TV station is, every now and then, I get to prescreen something that lands on the program manager's desk. In this case, it's a new film out by a Wenatchee, Wa production company about mountain biking access on public lands.

I was prepared to find a lame portrayal of our sport by a producer with only limited knowledge of what we are all about. As I started into the film and started to hear stories of access issues about places I was a bit familiar with, I was ready to get angry and disillusioned. But the more I watched and the more was being revealed, the more I was drawn in; and, by the end, I came away thinking this is probably one of the most important biking films, if not the most, that I may have ever seen.

This isn't a NWD or a Life Cycles or a Strength in Numbers or any of that. Yeah, it's got some great trails and kick-ass riding; but it is so much more. It's the story of communities that pulled together to carve legitimate a place for mountain biking in areas where it was being threatened. To me, this will be the must-see of 2012.


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