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Originally Posted by Standard Issue View Post
I reccomend the traditional exit before the bend routing. It makes for less cable/housing length and more efficient shifting. The housings shouldn't get in the way of your hands if routed this way so the only other reason to route it under the tape the whole way is just for aesthetics, which i think takes a back seat to function.
Is this based on your experience, or theoretical? The reason I ask is that I used my bar end shifters both ways and noticed absolutely no degradation in function when I ran the cables under the bar tape. The shifting was perfect both ways. If/when I do bar ends again (which I probably will), I plan to install the cables under the tape again.

To me, it looked better, yes, but actually, I didn't like those huge curved housing sticking out front - they caught on things more frequently when I would move the bike around, especially in and out of the back of my car(s). So, form, function and aesthetics were in perfect harmony.

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