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Well,it's been a lil while since I posted in this thread back in October,LOL!

I have indeed become much more car-lite,as the spinal injuries have allowed (meaning when they'd flair up,I must drive) or the times I've had to make trip to the old house (a 2 hour drive ). I've ridden everything from joy rides around town on the folder or CX bike,to riding to the local park's few singletrack trails on the mtn bike,as well as minor recycling,grocery runs,errands,etc. I always knew I'd enjoy doing it by bike,but it's cool to finally have the living arrangement-opportunity to do it,I'm loving it. Having scrounged,horse-traded,and CL ads'd my way into the rebuilding of an ol TREK I've had for a dozen years into a previously owned Xtracycle (it'd never been out of the box or assembled),I expect that even more will get done without the dinomobiles. Once I look into/score a pair of Wideloaders,I'll start hauling all those bags of pop cans we save and recycle as well

Still needs some tweaks for fit (seems like I remember the cockpit being more...stretched out a decade ago on this,LOL!),but I forsee much haulage and less driving than I had already severely cut back on. Pic of the first test ride...
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