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As far a frame sizing is concerned, who cares? What matters is fitting. Fitting can't be reduced to a number or dimension of a frame. The guy mentioned his inseam so let's talk pants. The inseam is no good without the waist, and effectively the rise could still be wrong, and a bunch of other things. If you fit off the rack it is easier, but the three methods I use are to get clothes tailored, to try stuff on till something works, or to buy stuff sight unseen on hope.

As far as sizing frames is concerned, no one number is correct. Just because something is one's suit or dress size does not mean it will fit. Both top tube, and seat tube are as arbitrary. As you point out, effective top tube length varies, so do people's preferences for saddles seat posts, bars, and stems, if anything it could be worse.

Beyond that people tend to have a body part that is hard to fit, so that will tend to drive them towards either stand over or reach.

Then there is the whole bike store dance. They need several numbers to play with so they can move those frames. If a person's reach is wrong, you sell the frame on stand over, and sell them a stem. Or the reverse.

The seat height is like the QWERTY keyboard it may not be the best design, but people are familiar with it.

By the way, I am curious what framebuilders do as far as selling their frames. Their size never enters my head, but I guess a client might care for resale. When I buy a suit, the tailor puts my name on the inside pocket, he never inserts a tag saying 44 Tall.

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