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if the shifter was disassembled and improperly reassembled, then its too much bother to pay someone to repair it. It would probably take a tech an hour or two to get it working properly.

If the shifter was never disassembled and just quit working, its MUCH easier to fix. You can generally just wash the inside out with a solvent such as WD40 and work the shifting mechanism back and forth. After washing it out and working the pawls back and forth, you can generally get those shifters to work properly again. Once its all freed up, then you can lube it with a good lube such as Triflow.

Most shops/techs will not or can't be bothered to repair those old shifters. But its pretty easy to fix them on your own if you can just lube and clean it out and get it working without disassembling.

The big gotcha is when you take it apart to try to repair it, then it becomes a nightmare.

Careful with using new shifters that have integrated brake handles, they might be designed for v-brakes and you probably have cantilever brakes, the handles are not compatible.
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