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Originally Posted by techguyrva View Post
I bought a new Trek Navigator 2.0 and I have been having a problem where the seat shifts left and right slightly while riding. It's not loosing height, but during riding I can feel it shifting from side to side. I have tightened the bracket as much as possible, but it keeps shifting. I have noticed a large amount of grease has been applied to the seat post. Could that be my problem?
We have 4 Trek bikes, two of which date back to 2004. A pair of Navigators and a pair of newer Multitracks. All came with the sprung seat post. All after about a year of use developed the sideways shifting you describe. They use a plastic washer/guide with a key slot. The key slot wears with up and down seat movement. This then allows the movement you describe. I took the seat post out and went in with a socket and tightened up the nut to the point where the seat could no longer move up and down. That cured the side to side shifting while pedaling. That of course killed the sprung effect of the seat post. With a good seat and padded shorts we found we could do without the sprung seat post. It also made it easier to adjust seat height for best pedaling with knee angles. The idea of the sprung seat post adding comfort while riding is questionable.
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