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How tall are you? That Cannondale is a small frame size.

Bikes, like shoes, come in sizes. Would you buy a pair of shoes that were the wrong size just because they were cheap? Bikes are the same. People like to flap their mouth about frame material and construction and group sets but, if the bike is the wrong size, none of that matters. A hundred mile ride is a long ride. If you shift more than a couple of times per mile, that's a lot. You don't spend very much time actually shifting. Your fit on the bicycle frame, however, will affect your efficiency, comfort and performance every single minute you are riding the bike. Nothing else even comes close in degree of importance.

When you buy a bike at a shop, you can usually find the style of bike you like in a price range you can tolerate and depend on the shop to fit you with the right size - just like buying shoes. With a CL bike there's usually only one so you have to know ahead of time what size you need and you have to have the discipline to reject everything that's not the right size.
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