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A lot has been written about the benefits of tea lately.

Has anybody noticed that drinking tea helps their performance in bicycling?

I studied tea ceremony when I was a university student in Japan. On the days of my cha-do (tea ceremony) classes, we would all drink several bowls of bright green pea-soup-thick ma-cha tea. It was fantastic for later book studying because it would literally keep me alert for two days with no sleep.

Recent trips to China have introduced me to Chinese tea ceremony which uses fermented teas like Te Guo In and other types of yellow or Oolong teas. It is refreshing, but an afternoon of that leaves me with a thundering headache.

I have noticed that if I put green tea in my water bottle at tournaments, I remain faster, stronger, and have more stamina than if I just drink water.

Has anybody been finding other benefits or drawbacks from various teas?
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