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OMG, I'm my own family's motivator?

I did it again!!!! More people around me are joining the biking bug.....

I just got back home from my quick trip to Chesapeake, VA. The concert was really good. Of course, I thought I was getting into mischief again but I'm finding a whole lot more support for what I wanted to do, than I expected. My granddaughter's adoptive grandparents are absolutely amazing. They are the ones who advocated for my grandparent visitation several years ago and now that they have guardianship over her, they encourage my time with her anytime I want. So....

I told them that I wanted to buy her, her next bike, for her birthday but didn't want to wait until August. They agreed. In fact, he went online immediately to help me find a LBS for her. I had a few hours before her concert so I went out checking out bike shops. I asked my granddaughter if she wanted to go with me but she declined. The bike shop I went to first has now since closed. So, I sat in the parking lot and made a few phone calls. Ended up in downtown Norfolk, during rush hour traffic. Thank goodness, this rural country gal has drove Chicago a few times in my life. Rush hour in Norfolk was a piece of cake but I swear, if I had to do that often, I would turn into one of those rude city drivers.

I bought my granddaughter Giant's Gloss bike. It's still at the shop. I didn't want to take it back to her without it being fitted. They do have the kid's trade-up program so she will have 2-3 years on this bike. Her family will take her over to the bike shop later this week, to pick her bike up. Her Granddaddy is already planning on getting her back on that Dismal Swamp Canal, again. Apparently, they ride it quite often. She told me this morning that he just too fast for her to keep up.

When I pick her up on June 15th, she doesn't want to come directly to NC. She has already informed me, she wants to do 2 miles on the Dismal Swamp Trail Canel, before we leave for NC. Then when she gets here, she wants to try that trail I did this past weekend. I have never seen this child so excited and motivated. She actually got out of bed last weekend, early, just to hit a trail. I think I found something that she is confident that she can do and it's motivating her.

On the drive back from VA, my mother informed me that she talked to my sister yesterday. My sister is very excited because I'm giving her a bike so she can do something that she loves to do. My mother hasn't heard my sister this excited in a very long-time. Looks like my long-weekend with my granddaughter is gonna be a very long drive because now, I'm gonna have to run to Williamsburg to drop off a bike. Maybe I'll do that on the return trip when I take my granddaughter back home.

Now, I wonder what it's gonna take and how many years, to get my Michigan family to agree to doing my "dream trail" in Michigan with me. They know where is because we have talked about it for many years. I can see my son now, thinking, mom moved away so that must have come off her list of things to do in life. Yes, there are a few more obstacles for me to overcome but stamina will not be one of the so that dream has just moved up my list of things to do. Right now, I'm not gonna tell him that trail has been extended from the 35 miles to .... 87 across the state.

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