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My first road bike was also a yellow Azuki, bought in Norman, OK 1972. It was stolen while locked to a rack outside the chem building one evening. I bought another identical. For six years it was my sole transport and I still have it and ride it. Unlike yours, my decals vanished many years ago and I've repainted it twice - still canary yellow. Have replaced saddle, all of the bearings, spokes, cables, freewheel, chain - some numerous times - but the rims, hubs, derailleurs, shift levers, center-pull calipers, crankset, cable guides are all original. I still ride it about 20 miles a day at least 3 days a week in good weather. Lost track of mileage after 40k a long time ago. It was great to see your photos. My decals wore off so long ago I had completely forgotten what the lettering looked like.
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