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Pedaled too far.
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Good for you, nuttygrandma.

I've had a minor bit of influence on my father. When I was a youth, I was car-free. My Dad followed as far as becoming a cycle commuter.

He's retired now so his bike has been ignored. But he tells me that recently, with his stenosis making long walks painful, he's discovered that hopping on his folding bike doesn't hurt, so I suspect he's going to be using it to get some daily exercise.

But, with other people? Even fixing up the bike at my sister's house at my own expense, there hasn't been a nibble.
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Originally Posted by Bjforrestal View Post
I don't care if you are on a unicycle, as long as you're not using a motor to get places you get props from me. We're here to support each other. Share ideas, and motivate one another to actually keep doing it.
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