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Originally Posted by Phil_gretz View Post
Way to go, nuttygrandma! You are (in your fashion) an inspiration to young and old. I especially liked reading about your sister and her hesitance to ride (formerly) and her excitement that you're giving her a bike. Is she receiving the bike you're taking to Williamsburg? That's a really nice town to bicycle in - if you stay away from the main arteries. All around the colonial part is flat and very bike/pedestrian friendly. You and she might enjoy it together?

I have ridden the Dismal Swamp Trail, and it's not completely as it sounds, but there are quite a few shaded parts that might do well as settings for a southern gothic novel. The trail is well traveled.

Thanks for posting!
Phil G.
Yes, I'm taking the wally-world special I bought Memorial weekend, to my sister and yes, she lives in Williamsburg. I thougth I moved from MI to NC, to be closer to my son but he moved to DE about 6 months after I relocated. Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, his daughter was returned to Chesapeake a week after he relocated (in otherwords, his wife left him and took their only child with her). So, I'm trying to make up for the trying life that child has. However, it's not only granddaughter I'm trying to have a positive influence, my sister's life it just a mess too but her challenges are in her attitude (alot of poor-me). So, I've been trying to have a positive influence with her, too. It's slow going because I have to figure out what is the resistance and block the excuses. Sometimes I really question if we are related and if we really grew up in the same household. My sister does tell me she has very nice memories of biking with me when we were growing up so, I'm hoping I can help develop that in some more positive memories.

I have thought of blogging my experiences but then I want to help my granddaughter with another summer of fun scrapbook. What we do is complete a photo scrapbook of our summer activities. We have lots of places to go and lots of things to see this summer and taking bikes with us will make it even more memerable.

The Dismal Swamp Trail in Chesapeake didn't seem that bad. My granddaugher knows that trail from horseback riding last year and bike riding with her granddad. I'll have to do some more research but there is another Dismal Swamp Canal Trail on the NC side of the Dismal Swamp. I may suggest trying that one when I take her back home after our weekend together. That way, she will see that there can be other aspects to trail riding.
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