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Originally Posted by DCB0 View Post
It does look different than all the XTC Alliance bikes I can find online, but Giant makes many thousands of bikes for many countries, so maybe there were different designes for production runs or something. Having the seat-stays meet the seat tube higher than the top tube is not uncommon in other brands of bikes.

However, how tall are you? That bike is very very small and probably suitable for someone 5'2" to 5'5" max.
well i guess thats it then, end of story. Im 6 foot 2inches (187cm)......

yes I i also had the idea perhaps it was made for the japanese market, which also has a number of motorbikes that you cant find in the states or in Europe.

The frame thing is confusing these days....it used to be easy...my height was suitable with about a 20inch frame bike...but now frames have the crossbar very angled, butting into the seatpost tube very low, and I have seen online people 6 foot and over saying they own 16" and 17" bikes that fit them perfectly. My mate in the UK has a marin and the frame is something silly small like 15" but fits him fine at 5 foot 10 inches tall. I kind of figured that bike would be something like that...small but you just put the seat post up high.

thanks for replying and pointing that out anyway. I will probably still go and buy a bike but a new one...lower end Giant though. I would buy a top-end second hand bike on ebay and have it shipped out here by courier but its something like 500 dollars...
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