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Originally Posted by DCB0 View Post
Also, getting a bike that fits is more important that neeting some arbitrary quality or price level. You will have more fun riding a $50 hybrid that fits than you will riding a $2000 carbon race bike that is 3 sizes too small.
good tips indeed....will bear them in mind for sure

yeah i am rather tall compared with locals. A few years back it was more noticable (1995)....used to bang my head on door frames back then and the bus seats were ridiculously small. Everything has gotten bigger past few years, including the people cos they are eating more dairy stuff and western processed crap and in general not everything they ingest now is made from rice. Similar story with the south koreans...I knew a guy worked in pyongyang for unesco and he said south koreans are much bigger than the northerners, who are basically "stunted" (his words),...about 10 years ago singapore government had to rip all the seats out of national buses and replace them with bigger ones....asians are definitley getting bigger

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