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Originally Posted by Doug64 View Post
FWIW--I would recommend riding any part of the Pacific Coast Route going from North to South.
Thank you Doug64. I am aware this is the recommended direction. Can you tell me why that is and what is the best time to travel South on this route?

Originally Posted by stevepusser View Post
I've done the Mt Shasta to Tahoe segment several times, and can make some suggestions as to where to camp and such, depending on how far you want to ride each day. I'd also suggest getting off Hwy 89 just east of McCloud and taking the parallel road along the McCloud river as far as as Cattle Camp, as it's much more scenic with less traffic. And look for State parks along this segment, most have hike 'n' bike sites.
Thank you stevepusser. I wil take any suggestions you can offer. I don't know how far I will be riding each day just yet, I am unsure as to how rolling the terrain is through that section. I think I should be able to do an average distance no problem. In fact if you tell me where the campsites are, I can use your suggestions as my planned daily rides.

I looked closely at my map for this parallel road East of McCloud but am having a hard time finding it. Is it North or South of 89? I also can not find Cattle Camp on Google Maps. Can you point me in the right direction?

Any advice on dealing with bears in this area besides not bringing food into the camp area and hanging food?

Originally Posted by hueyhoolihan View Post
that should be quite and adventure!

all i can say if you plan the pass through the Sierras or the Rocky's in the fall, winter or spring, pack warmly, but as long as it's summer, you should be good.

and that route through Colorado should be quite challenging. vertically speaking. there are easier ways (through Durango, Pagosa Springs, Del Norte, Salida, Canon City, Colorado Springs), but not as dramatic.

looking forward to an update.
Thanks hueyh. I am still researching when the best time is to do this route or what the average temps are at different times of the year. I was planning on buying a 20*F bag along with an insulated pad. I'm from Austin, Tx so I don't own much cold weather gear. If you know of any good bike tour cold weather gear send me some suggestions please.
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