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You have picked a fantastic portion of the country to tour in, and your route *in general* sounds great.

It's a difficult route to optimize for weather, however, as PNW, Denver and Sierra you want to be in warm/dry parts of the year and Nevada/Utah you want to be spring/fall.

I would recommend you take the Western Express out of the picture and make your loop (or partial-loop) be further north.

You can piece together a great route with Denver - Great Parks North - Icefields Parkway - across BC - down the pacific Coast (I did this as my first tour, started July 4th in WInter Park CO and had great weather). It would look something like this: http://goo.gl/maps/Gu6r (that's a rough overview, I didn't get all the exact roads in there).

Or if you don't want to go all the way to Jasper, you can hang a left at Missoula and use the Lewis and Clark or TransAm to get to the coast.

This general route is good to start early June-end of August.

If you do use your general route, you've optimized Colorado for flat, busy, dangerous and boring roads. (not a hard route, though). Here's an alternative (one of many) that is nicer. http://goo.gl/maps/JL8i Highway 285 carries too much traffic near Denver, is open and exposed and windy, and has one part (leaving Buena Vista) that is narrow twisty, and has no shoulder and bad visibility. In the route I show, the part near I-70 is actually on frontage roads & bike paths, you don't have to ride the freeway. Pretty much anywhere in central mountain CO is good EXCEPT hwy 285 (and of course, 70 and 25). Hwy 50 is OK but there are nicer options.
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