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I looked closely at my map for this parallel road East of McCloud but am having a hard time finding it. Is it North or South of 89? I also can not find Cattle Camp on Google Maps. Can you point me in the right direction?
It's a right turn a few miles past McCloud, well-signed, to Fowler's Campground, south of 89. The river road runs maybe 6 miles before rejoining 89, but features 3 waterfalls and some nice swimming holes. Cattle Camp was a USFS campground just before the reunion with 89, but it may be closed now.

Burney Falls State Park, right on 89 after it makes its big bend to the south, has a small grocery store and HB sites at 3000'. From there it's basically uphill 40 miles to Manzanita Lake in Lassen Park, (store, showers), but I also like the Summit Lake campgound maybe 16 miles further at 6600'. No store or showers, but the lake is a great swimming hole, and it's closer to the Lassen summit if you plan to lock your bike and hike to the top of the peak the next morning. From the road summit at 8512', it's a great descent to 5000', then a series of interconnected fault valleys lead you to Lake Almanor. There's usually a tailwind along this part, and just a couple gradual climbs. There's USFS campgrounds at the Lake, or if you're cheap like me, cook and clean up at the picnic grounds near the boat ramp, then find a stealth camp north of the ramp somewhere along the paved lake bike trail. (more later, I gotta run. About bears, I've spent maybe 10 weeks on tours in the Sierra bear country, but never encountered a single one. I did follow basic rules about not leaving food about or having open food in the tent, though. Many of the campgrounds have secure metal "bear boxes" for food storage at each site, too.)
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