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Originally Posted by vermilionx View Post
im down. except for when it's too hot out. im a wuss when it comes to heat.
the rio hondo - LA river path - long beach - seal beach - san gabriel path - rio hondo is my fav route. although... i haven't been there since the heat came in.
Haha, no I feel you, I've started avoiding biking mid-day as its just way too hot most of the time where are you located? i'd be down to meet and take on one of these paths; I havent explored any of them yet. I was thinking of biking down to Long Beach some day.

Originally Posted by Elvo View Post
My bro and I are taking Rio Hondo to Seal Beach this afternoon
Ah crap I was out the whole day :| when's your next ride planned and any chance you'd be a bit more up north?

Originally Posted by GaryinLA View Post
I live in Baldwin Hills which is in mid LA east of Culver City. I am free weekday evenings after 8pm and anytime weekends. sundays i usually do the West LA Cycling group ride (see from Marina Del Rey to Palos Verdes and back. I do some of the Flying Pigeon bike storth my e group rides (google to find that), they are right in your area in the Eagle Rock/ Highland Park area. I do some riding on my own. For me to ride in your area with you would take advance planning, I would likely drive there with my bike. I schedule my time in advance. You can email me at gary in la at aol dot com. I am looking for rides 20+ miles plus so i get some excercise. Has to be within the time slots i say above.
I usually bike 10-20 miles myself, getting a good hour, hour and a half workout, but wouldnt mind going longer if I had a fun person to do it with. I know about the West LA group but its too far from me - I dont have a car so getting there would literally be a 2hr+ endavour by buses, plus another to get back; i'd rather just spend that time biking :x
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