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iab, you da man on a 24t cog for some of those hills.

I had no idea there was a ride right next to my hometown.
I encourage anyone to ride one of those routes. The people there are very cool.
I've ridden a lot of those roads. I grew up there, and bombed all those roads.
There are short hills in there that will literally stand you up, but they're short.

In Mineral Point, you'll either be flying downhill (Antoine, Commerce, Fountain)
or standing on the pedals (Spruce, High St, long climb to Doty and then the ridge).
Let me know if you climb the first 200' of High St without dismounting.
I rode up it on my paper route, but it took a couple of months to get there.

Most variety of lodging is in Dodgeville, due to Land's End being there.
Great food at the Courthouse Inn, downtown (a whopping mile or so away).

Mineral Point only has one motel open right now, the other is being remodeled.
You may find much more reasonable rates in Barneveld or Ridgeway.
The best taverns, though, are in Mineral Point.
If you go to Tony's Tap, tell Tony you know Robbie.

Land's End will be great hosts. I know lots of their employees.
(E=MC2 Everyone = My Cousin, 2x removed)

When you get done, take some time to buy some cheese at Schumann's.
It's not far from your start/finish, and they'll ship it for you.
If you can, then check out the House on the Rock, or Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen East.
(if you are able to check out the scenery on the western part of the 150/200K,
you'll see houses that his students built for local residents.)

Watch out for the deer, and the beer. Both are very real.
The New Glarus, especially.

I am so freakin' jealous now.
Robbie ♪♫♪...☻
I have unfinished business.

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