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Originally Posted by iab View Post
I'd be da man if I stuck with my 49-tooth ring. But I'll be swapping it out with a 42. If I find a 40 that works on my crank, maybe that.

For those who need a place to sleep, eat and drink, I highly recommend the Brew Pub, http://www.brewerycreek.com/
Lincoln stayed at that when it was an inn, back in the day. For a long time, it was the Walker House, initially restored by local artist Ted Landon. It's run many a dollar through the mill. It's 400' from the site of the last legal hanging in the territories, a murderer who played the piano on the back of a wagon en route to his death. He requested "the judge's heart" for his last meal.

There are two or three restaurants within walking distance, and a couple of taverns, and a cheese factory. What more could you want? At the other end of the street is the actual old brewery where Mineral Springs beer was brewed. A spring flowed into the basement of the brewery, pretty handy. Last I checked, it had a collection of antique looms and was an art gallery. The glass blower is right up the street, and several potters, a couple of painters, and a wood carver.

For those who ride MTB's, there is a trail right next to the Inn that is on an old railroad bed. Across from the inn, there is a set of bluffs, one in which one of Blackhawk's warriors holed up with a cannon pointing out. It took a while to solve that one. The Blackhawk "campaign" went on in the area about the same time as the civil war.

I may have to risk divorce and come home for this one. There are also several B&B's in town, and I'm not sure if the old Dairyland Motel is still running or not. They have little cabins, and regular rooms, if you like 50's decor.
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