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Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
Sure; the "driftless area" where the Dairyland Dare takes place is quite hilly -- not miles and miles of climbing with hundreds or thousands of feet of elevation gain, but pretty much constant up and down. Very scenic, also.

That picture makes me think of the "Don Q Inn" in Dodgeville: http://www.donqinn.net/rooms.asp
I was a kid when Don Quinn bought the barn and made it into something special. My brothers worked there as waiters. I remember when he flew the "Flying Guppy" in and either llanded it on the highway, or taxied it to the inn via the highway. I also remember the Sikorsky Skycrane lifting the steeple into place that he used as a bridal suite.

BG-you'd have like the cheese room; a vat was suspended from the ceiling on stainless steel chains, and a huge mattress made for it. Or the fireplace with 12' logs.
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