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Originally Posted by iab View Post
The Driftless Area is a region where the last glacier missed. Elevation gains aren't huge, only 300-500 feet. But when they happen in the course of a a kilometer or so, the 10-20% gradients give you a good work out.
Yep, extending from about the Dells down to Galena, Illinois, I guess. Not uncommon to see a creek with a meadow on one side and a 40' bluff on the other. Uncommonly good trout streams, killer rock formations, and boulders to climb on the size of small buses.

The US 151 bypass cut a huge swath out through some of the best hiking around, but in the excavations, they found a lot of good Native American artifacts, makes you realize how tough they were to live in those subzero climates.

I'd recommend 700x25's or 700x28's if you've got 'em.

You'll go around Ludden Lake, named after the grandfather of Allen Ludden (of Password fame, husband of Betty White). He grew up out at the Lake, and Doc Ludden was a horse & buggy doctor, even after WWII. For years, the lake went undeveloped, and only the stone house remains, I think, of the Ludden family. There's a bit of climbing there, as you go from below lake level to the hills that surround the lake, and head back to Dodgeville.
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