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So this has proven itself serviceable over several years,
and 10K+ KM on tours already,?
a short pull aero lever, and a cable pull hungry long type2 lever
needs a RCH of never out of true rim-pad clearance IMHO.
No. Not yet. Maybe I'll have to change this setup someday. I promise to report back after some serious touring miles.

You might have handling problems with that front rack. I find the best handling when the center of gravity in the front panniers is centered on the hub (or immediately above the hub) and yours is set up so that the weight might be too far back. If it works, great. But, if you have any shimmy, try shifting the weight in the front panniers.
Thanks. I noticed that and have later moved it as far to the front as the rack allows. The test ride with front panniers proved successful, I can ride without hands and the bike is stable but controlable.
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