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Originally Posted by iab View Post
Nah. But I don't get it though. Why does the HHH sell out in hours? Because it is in June instead of August? Because it was the "first" organized ride in Wisconsin's driftless area?

I don't know.

All I know is the HHH is overcrowded, the food sucks and the organizers never gave two hoots to me when I volunteered working the rest stops. I would have preferred a thank you over another free t-shirt.

As for food, i was always partial to the onion rings at the Red Rooster. Don't know if it still around.
The HHH is the one people think they need to brag about. Tough ride, but doesn't have the charisma.

You remember the Red Rooster? Wow!

I guess I don't have to bring up Cornish pasty, then do I?

The tavern that is Tony's Tap used to have the best food around, when it was the J&R.
Tony is J&R's son.

You're slowly drawing me into this aren't you? Maybe I'll have to organize "my people."
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